Midwives offer regular assessment to support normal, healthy pregnancy and birth, or detect circumstances that would make a home birth inappropriate.  They stress good nutrition and healthy lifestyle, they give support for the common discomforts and problems of pregnancy, and monitor the health of both mom and baby to facilitate healthy  and safe birth.


   Many different types of midwives care for and attend home birth pregnancy and deliveries. Some have been trained by other midwives and have received their education from non-university schools. They are Direct Entry Midwives, or DEMs. These midwives do not carry medicine but do carry oxygen. They use alternative therapies as well as time-tested techniques. If these midwives pass a national test, they are Certified Professional Midwives, or CPMs, and can license through the state. CPMs can carry medicines and oxygen.

Other midwives are nurses, who have returned to the university for their Masters or Doctorate degree, and have certified and licensed as Certified Nurse Midwives, or CNMs. They are licensed to use and prescribe medicine.

   All of the midwives included here are well trained and have excellent experience.


Mariah is a Virginia native and midwife with Beautiful Mountain Birth Suites. Having completed her Master’s of Midwifery at Midwives College of Utah and undergraduate at Brigham Young University, Maria’s clinical midwifery training spanned several east coast states as well as her new home in Utah. She has an intense commitment to melding traditional midwifery knowledge, "evidence-based smarts" and a calm compassion into high-quality clinical practice. Maria has also written for Midwifery Today and formally published her Master's thesis, "Midwifery Management for Twin Gestation: An Evidenced-Based Approach." When not midwifing, Maria can be found side-by-side with her husband, working together to see to the needs of their growing family. Prior to becoming a busy midwife and mother of 9 children (aged 20 to 11 months), Maria enjoyed hiking, camping and curling up with a good book during a rolling thunderstorm. From Maria: "Life is incredible, full, joyous, blissful and abundant. I am so blessed with a family (who supports me in my vocation and helps me get crazy and stay young), and clients whom I love and who allow me to walk beside them on their journey."

Contact  info: www.beautifulmountainbirth.com and 801-252-6243

B Maria Cranford, CPM MSM LDEM

Angie Blackett, CPM LDEM

Angie has been attending births for more than 10 years, has a degree in midwifery and is a wife and mother of 7. In the last year, Angie has realized her dream of opening a birth center, Beautiful Mountain Birth Suites, from which to serve women and offer true, informed choices in maternity care.  From Angie: "Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are natural, normal parts of being a woman.  As midwives, we seek to support the powerful connection between mother, partner, and child, creating a loving, peaceful environment for new life to begin...I seek to offer informed choice, not merely informed consent. Any decisions regarding options are yours to make.”  

www.beautifulmountainbirth.com and 801-252-6243

Karla J Bennett RN MSN CNM

Karla has been working in the birth community for many years, first as an RN on a labor and delivery floor for 9 years, then as a Certified Nurse Midwife,  choosing to serve women who prefer to give birth outside the hospital.

Her services include a full prenatal schedule in her client's homes, ob labs and ultrasound, Forum, home birth service, and several postpartum visits, beginning the day following birth. This also includes newborn care and testing. If you prefer to give birth in a birth center, she has privileges at a couple of birth centers. She believes in the normalcy and power of birth, and that families are the best ones to make decisions regarding their births.

She can also provide women's healthcare, including yearly exams, pap tests, and birth control.

Karla has given birth to 6 babies of her own and mothers a combined family of 11 children and 8 grandchildren.

Contact her at 801-712-6047 or www.gentlebirthandwomenshealth.com

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