Miscellaneous stuff you might like, such as prenatal yoga, baby wearing, etc.

First chose a skilled midwife that you trust and connect with. She is responsible to ensure that you have a safe birth.

A doula can be a great support, giving physical and emotional comfort.

Being prepared is very important, whether its for pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding.

A licensed breastfeeding counselor can help when breastfeeding isn't going as well as you want it to.

A chiropractor or massage therapist, who is qualified to care for pregnant women, can help keep you comfortable and prepare your pelvis for labor.

A photographer or videographer can capture the beauty and power of you amazing birth

We have created this site to help you put together a team that will help you have the birth of your dreams

We believe that for a healthy mom with a low risk pregnancy, home is a great place to have your baby. Not only do you not have to travel while your are in labor, but you do not have to get up to go home after your birth, or have the commotion of a hospital going on around you.  You are in your home, where you are the most comfortable and in charge. You have taken responsibility for your care and are the one directing the birth. And your baby is born into her own bacterial environment.

This kind of birth is powerful and empowering.

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Birthing at Home

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